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Do you offer custom pricing?

If you have anything you don’t want in a package, budget issues, and additional requests - book a FREE consultation and I will do my best to serve you the best package for your wedding needs!

Do you offer discounts, sales, etc…?

Yes! I offer a referral program which gives you a 15% discount on ANY PACKAGE when you refer someone and they book my services! This offer also applies to any packages you’ve already paid for within the year! If someone you referred books a wedding package with me within the year, I will reimburse you 15%!

I have additional requests that are not included in your package, is there anything you can do?

Yes, if there are any additional requests such as photo booths, albums, prints, just book a FREE consultation and I will do my best to serve you the best package for your wedding needs!

How will I receive my photos?

Clients will receive their photos via a web link that will lead you to an online gallery of all the photos. You will be given a password to enter this gallery.

Do you offer the RAW files to your clients?

I, unfortunately do not :(

I will be having an unconventional/cultural wedding, how will you adjust to that?

I've rarely photographed a standard wedding - most weddings will have a special touch and I absolutely encourage it! As for cultural weddings, I’ve worked frequently with Jewish, Indian and Chinese weddings and am grateful to have the opportunity to learn different cultures through my work. As a photographer, we learn to adapt to different lighting, venues, locations and utilize what is given to us in our environment to provide the best shots possible - I would love to attend any unconventional/cultural wedding :)

When can we expect to receive our wedding day photos?

Photo deliverable times vary depending on how many photos are included in the deliverable.

The general structure will be as follows:

100 - 150 photos: ONE WEEK DELIVERABLE

150 - 250 photos: TWO WEEK DELIVERABLE

250 - 450 photos: ONE MONTH DELIVERABLE


When can we expect to receive our engagement shoot photos?

Engagement shoot photos will be given one week prior to the wedding date! If you request that it arrives sooner, just send me an email!

Can a package’s coverage hours be spread through more than one day?

Yes, it is possible to split a package’s coverage hour time between two days but additional costs will incur such as travel accommodations and availability will vary!

How does an additional hour charge work?

Additional hours will be charged by rounding the time for every increment of 30 minutes, if the photographer stays an extra 20 minutes, that counts as half an additional hour. If the photographer stays for 40 minutes, that also counts as half an additional hour!

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Wedding photography is a lot more work than it may seem! The pressure to get that perfect shot before it's gone is REAL.

Here is a general work breakdown structure of a photographer’s job from beginning to end.


• Consultation

• Prepare Contract

• Deal with payment and invoice

• Preparations for the second consultation          

• Create a mood board     

• Contact additional creatives available for the wedding date, other resources, etc...       • Create an itinerary and a shot list

• Second consultation

• Revise and consult when necessary


• Photograph groom and bride getting ready, interactions between the groomsmen and bridesmaids, accessory shots (locations will vary, travel time may be required)

• Arrive at reception at least 30 minutes beforehand and photograph venue•

 Groom and bride shots

• Ceremony shots

• Once the ceremony ends, change locations if necessary

• Friends & family group shots

• Photograph all dishes & drinks before it is served

• Photograph toasts Break time (eat for 10-30 minutes)

•  Photograph dancing, music, post-meal party • Get paid! Within all the time between, I am taking candids of guests, of people interacting and often running between rooms and switching gear.


• Filtering out thousands of photographs to a few hundred

• Editing photographs

•  Post consultation with the client, send photos and any additional add ons included in the package

Of course, there's a lot more to the responsibilities of a wedding photographer than just this - but this general structure represents the minimum responsibilities that I take for each and every one of my clients! 

If there are any questions that may be unanswered in this FAQ, feel free to contact me! 

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