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About Me

You most likely have no clue who I am, and what I look like. Let me introduce myself.

My name is JiaJia Kong and I have been a freelance photographer ever since I was 14. I started out as an executive photographer for non-profit organizations back in high school until I was introduced to wedding photography. Being a secondary wedding photographer inspired me to expand my portrait and event business towards weddings and 4 years later, I've had the opportunity to be flown to other countries to provide my photography services, signed under two production agencies, and often spend my weekends attending conferences, weddings, and events. I hope this doesn't come out as being arrogant, I hope it gives you an idea of what I can teach you!

Private Lessons

Let me explain how I decided on the prices:

1. I conducted a series of user interviews on creatives and non-creatives towards how interested they would be to learn photography, photo-editing/retouching, marketing, building creative flow, etc...I got very positive feedback and a lot of interest - the majority agreed that these are very important skills to generally know in society now. 

2. Now I asked, how much would they be willing to pay for such services? Just by seeing someone's work online? The prices ranged from $30 - $800, very broad numbers. Some people weren't willing to spend a lot on something they felt like they would get lazy and forget about, while others believe that mentorship is more valuable than trying something relatively new on their own. 

3. I emphasize in this situation, I've tried those online classes and usually give up halfway, I practiced on my own and I did get better too - but what really jumpstarted my career, was having a mentor and investing in something new. I was a lot less motivated when things were free, I definitely had no one keeping me accountable with what I was doing and that's why I am offering these private lessons. I want you to not only find value in the classes I offer but also what I can offer to you as an individual.

These are personalized lessons catered to anything that you want to learn - I'm not trying to sell an online pdf guidebook that you can buy - I want to create something that can be of value for you and you only. 

30 Minute Private Lesson w/ JiaJia Kong Photography - $20

This session is dedicated to one of the selected private lesson options stated below:

• Posing

• Equipment

• Lighting

• Videography

• Building Creative Flow

• Creating Strong & Engaging Social Media Content

• Directing the Model

• Marketing through Ads

• Marketing through Networking

• Seeking Opportunities

Contact me if there is anything else you may be interested in learning that is not mentioned above and I will either be eligible to teach you - or I will redirect you to someone who is more capable! 

60 Minute Editing/Retouching Session w/ JiaJia Kong Photography - $50

This private lesson is designed to give you a personalized mentoring experience through a 60-minute session focused on building any photo-editing skill you requested.

Softwares which I will be teaching on: 

• Adobe Lightroom

• Adobe Photoshop

You're given the selection to be taught on one of these programs per session due to time constraints, if we have extra time, we can touch upon both programs. 

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